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Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Short Film!

I've finally got new content for my channel, and huzzah it doesn't star me! Check out the new short at this link:

Click here

It was a pain (the annoying but good kind) to make but it taught me a lot about working with green screens and using whatever you have to make something work.

Anyway, I'll also give a quick update. I am currently hard at work on the machinima and I really can't wait to pick up the momentum. I think a lot of people forget that even hollywood films that take a long time to unveil have anxious fans but also anxious people working on them. So bear in mind I'm always looking forward to getting this thing going, making it the best it can be and getting it out to the public. Not that I have anything close to the fan base of a hollywood film, it's just interesting to think about. Well, I guess that's about it. Oh! Check out the machinima audition video again (here), because the role of Richards is open again!

Alright, that's it. Thanks for reading!