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Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekly Update 7-12-2011

I have decided to postpone the entire short film till after summer. It would be best for the actors and for me so I can sort a few things out. In the meantime I have written the script to a thriller. I know that sounds extremely stupid: a thriller right after a comedy, but I will be the only one working on the film. This means I am free to do whatever I want, whenever I want for however long I want. This thriller is going to be my first attempt at a serious short film and I think you will see just what I can do with camera angles, lighting and acting to spook you. I don't want to make a gross out movie, I want to make a film that will stick in people's heads and make them think about what just happened. I'm really excited to begin work on this short and I hope that its a bit more fun to make then my failed comedy. I will continue work on the comedy but it won't be released for quite some time.

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